I work independently, but not alone.

In most of my activities I work with others. There are formal collaborations: organizations that I am affiliated with, a member of, or registered with. Collaboration also takes place within a large informal network of like-minded consultants, educators and academics. Lastly, there are education programs that I help shape. In this overview I limit myself to present day collaborations that have been stable for years. You can learn more about them by clicking on them.


I am affiliated with two organizations:
•    Associate partner Twynstra Gudde Consultants and Managers. We work together in management consultancy. I am involved in the knowledge center on change management that I co-founded at this firm in 1998.
•    Associate partner Sioo, Inter-university Centre for Development in Organizational Studies and Change Management. We work together in education programs. I have been involved in the postgraduate program ‘Advanced Change Methodologies’ from its inception in 2003. I am also a active member of a netwerk for action research and a member of the academic council.

I am member of the scientific council of the professional association of management consultants in The Netherlands (OOA) as well as a core member of the association. (Incidentally, it is the oldest one of its kind in the world.) I am a member of the editorial board of the peer reviewed journal ‘Management & Organisatie’ and the humanistic journal ‘Waardenwerk’, a member or the research platform of Sioo, a member of the Academy of Management, a member of Practitioners’ Council for Critical Organization and Intervention Studies (KOIS) at the University of Humanistic Studies, and a member of the Creative Board of the Academy of Information & Management. I am registered as a ‘certified management consultant’ (CMC) and I am registered as a teacher at the central register for vocational education (CRKBO).


I like to work with others, especially where bringing together different expertise fuels innovation. Underneath I list some of the collaborations that are especially frequent or sustained. I can recommend each of them whole-heartedly.

education programs

I have been involved for many years with management programs of the Copenhagen Business School (CBS/Simi), The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the Vlerick Business School.

I am most heavily involved in a Dutch 18-month Master’s program ‘Advanced Change Methodologies’ at Sioo. It is a program I co-designed to fit experienced practitioners with 15-30 years of experience. It encourages them to harness and stretch their practice through research. Its design is outlined and evaluated in a recent chapter. We are also setting up a new program for action researchers.

I am part of the core faculty of the Master program ‘Social Intervention’ at the National Centre of Expertise on Social Innovation (LESI). In this program I focus on doing action research in and about one’s own practice and context. There are other programs, such as the Executive Master in Information Management (Emim) at the Academy for Information & Management where I have been teaching for many years.

I try to post my (incidental) participation in education programs, conferences and lectures on the ‘news’ section of this site when these are in English. Education activities that are not in English will only be posted on the Dutch side.