Change efforts, academic research, and professionalizing reinforce each other in my work. Research helps figuring out complex phenomena and creates know how, change efforts allows for direct observations and experimentation and professionalizing builds capacity of those involved to do all this themselves. The activities reinforce each other most when all three are set up as participative processes. Of course, there are contexts where the activities do not need to be combined that much.

Underneath I have outlined what my typical assignments are at the present time. They paint a more concrete picture of what I do. What is not listed there is not out of bounds. I love to experiment.

organization development

Assessing organizations’ change agenda. In order to eliminate unfeasible and destructive change efforts and to make space for change efforts that may be less popular but are capable of adding real value to the world outside.

Designing, realizing and anchoring difficult organizational change. Co-created with those involved, which allows them to learn how to do this on their own next time around.

Organizational concepts suited to working environments for professionals. To manage such organizations in a way that not only gives professionals more space but also increases accountability.


Investigating organizational phenomena that escape easy understanding and cannot be fixed with habitual approaches.

Uncovering one’s organizational history as a basis to explore new futures that are both realistic and respectful. Understanding the dynamics behind an organization’s ups and downs in order to build on what is generative and to break with disfunctional patterns.

Harvesting extraordinary practices, like hidden stories about social innovation. Creating know how about vital processes that take place in the margins and giving credits to those responsible.


Coaching/shadow-consultancy for change agents to realize concrete changes and learn from experience. To increase their influence in favor of what the organization can stand for and how they can make a difference.

Learning processes and – communities for change agents that are tailor made for and with them. As a means to take our profession, ourselves and our work seriously and to advance what we are capable of.

Conceptualizing the rich practices of professionals. In order to capture their tacit understanding and implicit craft into know how that can be shared with others.