International festival on systems thinking

From May 24th to June 7th Sioo organizes 15 days on systems thinking: a festival with 3 masterclasses, 26 workshops and 25 experts. The sessions range from theory to practice, from big to small. And… also from Dutch to English. Though most of the sessions are in Dutch, there are a few international guests, notably Margaret Wheatley, Glenda Eoyand, Eliat Aram and Kees Dorst. Their sessions will be in English and allow for international participants.

The festival is a spin-off from the bi-yearly week on systems thinking that has been organized over the past years. This week is led by Leike van Oss, Brechtje Kessener and myself and gives an overview of the different schools of systems thinking. It consists of 25 workhops each with different guest faculty as well as plenary overviews, case work and so on. It is – on purpose – a bit of an overwhelming program designed to collectively explore what systems thinking has to offer for modern day challenges. The week (and the new book accompanying it) are both in Dutch but there are tentative plans to make at least the week available in English. I’ll post that on this site when that happens.