Looking ahead: colors revisited

The last few years I have focussed on lecturing and publishing in Dutch, including multimedia. It is about time this shifts again. So it looks like at least five articles will find their way to English journals this year. Amongst these are three or four publications on the ‘colors of change’ – the metamodel that Léon de Caluwé  and I developed almost two decades ago:

  • One article will focus on the process of theory development,
  • Another on the validity of the colors as researched by a style test for change agents,
  • A third one on the social constructed nature of the theory and the types of applications that have emerged as a result.

Responding to popular demand, we are planning to present a third edition of our Dutch handbook for change agents and an accompanying fieldbook (with instruments, exercizes, etc.) in the fall of 2015 as well. Unfortunately, there are no plans yet to make that available in English.

It is probably no coincidence that all this occurs around the time that Léon  will retire as a university professor. His emeritus-speech will be delivered  on May 29th at the Free University in Amsterdam and is open to the general public. It looks like that will be quite a large happening: think of many hunderds of colleagues. If you are versatile enough in Dutch and in the neighborhood, feel free to attend this. You can read the details if you click here.