Podcast with Joost Oorthuizen: how to push sustainability impact to scale

An inspiring interview by Mallen Baker with Joost Oorthuizen, the chief executive of IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative. 

Joost has led IDH for the ten years since its founding, and in that role has helped to broker projects on the ground in a number of sectors such as cocoa, palm oil, tea and many more, which have made real concrete progress in boosting sustainability and livelihoods for many thousands of people.

In this interview they talk about how he got to IDH, the five focuses they use to make the biggest impact on people’s lives and on the environment, and what the prioritiesare action in the future.

Joost is a good example of someone who took the opportunities in front of him to make a difference to the world, and if that’s your aim as well, you should get a lot from this interview.

PS1: IDH also just published a small book about how to create transition within international trade towards sustainability: what works and why? It is based on a study that I participated in. Click here to know more about the book and access it for free.