Test yourself as a change agent

What is your style as a change agent?  This improved interactive test helps you identify your convictions about change. The test results can be used to assess what type of change agent you are: what you are good at and what could be developed further.

The test also gives you a first insight into different paradigms and approaches to change. It introduces a ‘color’ model: five fundamentally different and contingent approaches to change that can be recognized in both practice and literature. These five approaches function as diagnostic tools and provide a map of possible change strategies. They also assist reflection by change agents about their ability and credibility in each of the types of change. Most importantly, it supplies a common language between those involved in change to discuss how to deal with a specific change and their different viewpoints.

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The test gives you a first impression. A more extensive test where ‘acting’ and ‘thinking’ are assessed separately can be found in the handbook ‘Learning to Change’. Of course, every test has its limitations: it all depends on how well you know yourself. We recommend you also let people you work with score the test for you and to compare their scores with yours. It might just be the start of a good feedback session. Even more reliable is observing how someone acts and what words they use when involved in change. Each ‘color’ has its own vocabulary.

The ‘colors of change’ are described in more detail in the handbook ‘Learning to Change’ as well as in articles, tests, videos, etcetera. If you like to know more, look at those publications on this site.

For more background on the construction and interpretation of the color test, you can read a chapter that adresses that specifically.