Academy of Management Summer Conference 2015

The 75rd Academy of Management Annual Meeting takes place in Vancouver between August 7-11 in 2015. It’s always quite an event with over ten thousand (yes, that’s not a typo) of management scholars and scholar/practitioners congregating over a five day period doing workshops, exchanging papers, catching up, discussing new trends and so on.There is also a ‘teaching and learning’ conference just before for those who want to pay extra attention to how we teach management to students. The resulting abundance of people, subjects, sessions and interactions is both disorienting and worthwhile. This year the program theme is ‘opening governance’ but know that most papers don’t necessarily adress that. Many people will present their materials and can be met there.

I have just found out they have also accepted two submissions. So I will present a paper with Leon de Caluwe: ‘Creating a colorful model of change: a case study of theory development’. It highlights current thinking on theory development and uses it as a framework to look at the almost twenty years of developing our theory of change. It also raises some interesting questions on how practitioners develop theory and how originality has a downside. I will also host a professional development workshop with Leon on the color model for anyone who is not yet familiar with it.