‘Organizational Discourse’ conference in Amsterdam

The biannual Organizational Discourse Conference celebrates its 20th anniversary on 18-20 July 2012. In the past two decades ‘discourse analysis’ has firmly established itself as a topic of interest. In the upcoming Conference they plan to critically reflect on its contribution to fields such as culture and collaborative practices, power and identity processes, discourse and institutional change, diversity and distinction-drawing, and materiality and embodiment. Good news for people in the Low Lands: it is in Amsterdam. You can expect ‘big names’ like Nic Beech, Cynthia Hardy. Just heard that a paper Danielle Zandee and I wrote has been accepted: it is a critical look at Appreciative Inquiry. Where we try to figure out how contrastering change designs might still honor AI principles but be effectivein very different situations. So we will be there. Join us.